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Friday, June 27, 2003
 Deconstructing Castles    [L]

It's weird how some things can sneak up on you.
Like end of leases. As you may know, my roommates and I affectionately refer to our apartment complex as "the Castle" and it has been our stronghold for the last 2 years, 9 months. Sadly, the search for greener pastures (a backyard) and unhappiness with the management has led to our exodus today. So we're moving into "the plex" - a privately owned duplex with much more space, a backyard, and much better condition. Not to mention that we can be pretty loud and not have to worry about the neighbors :)

Well, we've been here almost 3 years, and gone through a total of 7 roommates. It's been a good time. There has been much fun, much fighting, much farting, and altogether too much facetious man-love. You guys are gross, seriously. It's almost depressing how a little tiny thing such as getting married can break up a nice fun time and separate roommates :) Well, in Drew's case we were relieved when he left :), but it's sad to see Dave go. What's up with this marriage kick Apex has been on lately anyway? It looks like I may be the only survivor in the house in a year or two :)

But life goes on. Tomorrow is another day. The sun will come up tomorrow. All those other trite things people say.
Realistically, the only thing I can count on is an aching back and dust-irritated sinuses.

That and my brand new home theatre system that's waiting for me at the new place.

Come to think of it, the future looks brighter already. I gotta wear shades.

Where was I?

Oh, that's right... Good night, and from the Castle, this is Chu, signing off.