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Friday, December 26, 2003
 Christmas, the Chuang Family Way    [L]

So I spent the night of the 24th at home, my usual tradition since I moved out - spending as little time as possible at home. It's not that it's a particularly bad experience; more like painfully boring. At the very least, it was a good excuse to start reading Jarka Ruus. So Christmas comes, and then comes the excruciatingly painful part of it - exchanging presents with my parents. I kept up on my end of the bargain, at least - got my Dad a DVD/VCR player and my Mom a $25 gift certificate to Family Christian Bookstores. My mother continued in her long-standing tradition of giving me absolutely nothing practical or desirable. Let's see - Nikken weighted exercise shoes (I like the idea but they were very uncomfortable), Nikken water filtration system (I got a Pur filter on the faucet, and we really don't need more gadgets in our kitchen), a framed Map of Jesus' adventures in Galilee, a How-to-be-a-successful-person-like-me book, and an Ohio bi-centennial t-shirt. I'm counting on my sisters to come through with something actually worthwhile :)

It's not really about the presents though - I wouldn't really mind not getting anything at all. But if you're going to give anything, at least put some thought and effort into it. I find it hard to tell people what I want, because for the small purchases, I pretty much just go and buy those myself anyway (curse my spending habits), and for the big items, well, I don't trust other people to get them - I gotta go do it myself. And I know people hate just throwing money around, so I put everybody in a real quandry, with nobody knowing what to get me. So, I almost rather desire to just get things on my own. So I guess the main source of my frustration is spending time with my parents - all I ever end up doing is repairing something, and when I'm not doing that, my mother is trying to sell me Nikken products. If I really wanted to have that much to do with magnets, I'd wrap a huge spool of wire around me and set a current through it. My mom acts like magnets are the answer to everything. Sore feet, back pain, headaches, cancer, missing limbs, death, flesh-eating zombies, etc. Ugh it gets so annoying. I know my Dad probably believes that he has to live with it because he was bad in a previous life (and that's a whole other can of worms).

On the bright side, my day became much better once I left the roost. Ended up going to see Paycheck w/ BarfRalph and Amber. It was not a bad flick! I'll give my full review later, but for now I'll just say it's not as dumb as John Woo's previous movies. Isn't it such a glowing review, when I say all these things about what a movie isn't? :)

Anyway, I know I'm rambling on, it being 3:40AM and all, so I bid you all goodnight, and adieu.

Merry Christmas.