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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
 The Year of the Rifle    [L]

Looks like Kim Du Toit liked my post about turning Nicole into a shooter:

No need for me to write anything about this one: Reader Phil has done it for me.

And along the way, he did a conversion job on a lady GFW:

The old, GFW Nicole was gone, and in her place was the self-confident, ass-kicking Nicole. It was a beautiful transformation.

Take that, Sarah Fucking Brady.

And while you guys are reading the rest of all that nourishing shooty goodness, I'll be outside doing the Happy Dance. Too cold for nudity (24? in Dallas??? WTF????), so I'll just let off an extra mag from the AK instead.

P.S. -- Phil: time for you to start looking at rifles, buddy. I suggest an SKS.
Hey, I'm all about getting a rifle!

I know Kim emphasizes the Nation of RIFLEMEN... but dang, the rifles I want cost a heck of a lot more than the handguns :)

Another factor was that I was starting fresh, so I wanted something that was immediately practical, and good for a beginner. Besides, you can CCW a handgun a lot more than a long gun :)

So I bought 4 pistols last year - each with a specific niche to fill - and I think I can be content with those for awhile (although I won't pass up a 1911 if I find one that suits me). That pretty much ate up my discretionary funds for the year.

But this is a new year, and with it comes a new resolution: to get a rifle.

I've pretty much decided against getting a poodle-shooter (.223), although I may get one eventually just to fill out my collection.

I'm going to need a few different rifles:

1. A .22LR for practice and all-around fun. Right now that'll either be the good old Ruger 10/22, or the Henry Goldenboy .22LR

2. A "Main Battle Rifle". Right now i'm leaning towards a Springfield M1A Socom 16. I like the utility of the shorter barrel and the forward-mounted scope. Or maybe i'll get an A2, or a FN-FAL style rifle, I'm game for just about anything that's not .223 caliber.

3. A cheap rifle. Not really "cheap" in the sense that it's bad quality or anything - but a low-priced reliable rifle that doesn't necessarily have all the shine and glamor of the more expensive guns. Maybe an SKS, an AK-clone, or an old Mosin-Nagant.

4. A "sniper" rifle. Something for some serious long-range shooting. I really don't have any ideas for this one yet, maybe I'll look into the Barrett 25MM XM109 :)


You could always try a Marlin model 60. The one I got for my boys this Christmas cost $99 new. (bottom pic)

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