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Friday, December 16, 2005
 Defend my Mailbox    [L]

Ok people, in light of my recent woes, it's time to put those creative and artistic juices to work.

Take the following picture of my driveway and mailbox:

Side view:

Reverse Side view:

And come up with ways to defend my mailbox from idiot motorists.

(If you're looking for a place to store pictures, try flickr.

As far as the drawing goes, I used MS Paint but you're welcome to use whatever you'd like (you can even come up with your own background), I'd recommend photoshop or illustrator.

Bait and switch approach...

By Blogger vmjeff, at 12/16/2005 04:14:00 PM      

that's pretty close to what i'm actually considering doing.

Except mine has landmines.

By Blogger Chu, at 12/16/2005 04:15:00 PM      

Is this what you do at work all day? ;)

By Anonymous Lee Cavender, at 12/19/2005 12:36:00 AM      

Of course! It's vital to the national defense. Your tax dollars at work.

By Blogger Chu, at 12/19/2005 10:44:00 AM      

^^^ speak up ^^^