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Monday, April 24, 2006
 Fuel for Thought    [L]

This is kind of nifty:

US gas prices by county

I've got to wonder what is the cause for the high prices. Since the high prices are spread evenly throughout each state, I'm driven to think that the state government is the largest influence on the price of gasoline.

Looking at Ohio, it seems that we are non-uniform, with half the state being yellow, and the other half orange. Our neighbors, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan seem to be more consistently orange across the whole state. Then, moving on to the midwest states of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, etc., we can see that they are consistently yellow.

I know Illinois requires their own special blend of gasoline, which I imagine drives the prices up for them - but why do Indiana and Ohio have the same price? I wonder if Ohio requires a special blend.

Also, I'm also wondering what the prices are after removing state & federal tax, and also the profit margins per county. I think that data would be far more telling.

AlphaPatriot, via Right Wing Nation
State and federal regulations force manufacturers to produce over 40 different fuel blends (boutique fuels), with different blends required between summer and winter. The burdonsome need to meet custom fuel specifications has cost consumers $47 billion over the last ten years and made it impossible to meet supply demands with excesses in other parts of the country.

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