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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
 Gasoline Taxes    [L]

In conjunction with the previous two posts, I found the following resources to be illuminating:

1) Gasoline Tax Rates by State
Ohio - 26 cents per gallon - Per 2003 legislation, rate increases 6 cpg in 2-year increments. First increase took effect 6/30/03. 7/1/04 rate increased another 2 cents per gallon (to 26 cents per gallon). Surcharge of 3 cpg for commercial vehicles.
Strangely enough, Ohio ranks #8 in the nation for state gas taxes, yet our total price is reasonable. Montana has some of the lowest gas prices in the nation, yet is #6 overall in state gas taxes with 27.8 c/g. My guess is that while they have high state taxes, they don't require a boutique (mandated state-specific) blend. And the chart doesn't concern itself with local gas taxes, which may be significant.

2) Info on boutique blends.

3) More info on gas prices.

Blatantly stolen from The Countertop Chronicles.

With the discussion about who is getting rich in the oil price gouging round of our media, I heard an interesting comment about the people who are actually making the money: oil traders, not necessarily oil companies. The oil companies are making profit, but the ones making the huge profit now is more the traders instead of the companies. Thanks Ben Stein for your commentary this afternoon.

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