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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
 Primary voting today    [L]

In my position, I find the primaries to be more imporant than the general election. Regardless of how tone-deaf the GOP seems to be lately, the chances of them fielding a candidate worse than the Democratic party are slim. Therefore, my vote is pretty much decided by the primaries.

In this election, there were really only two races i'm interested in: Governor and Senator.

Ken Blackwell and Jim Petro are running for Governor of Ohio. Whoever wins the gov primary, I’ll have no problems backing them. I do like Blackwell more than I like Petro, but either one of them is a fine candidate, and a far sight more appealing on the issues than any Democrat could be.

On Pierce vs. Dewine for Senate, however, there is no such ambiguity - Dewine must go, and even if he wins the primary he must be sent the message that voters are fed up with him. I hold no illusions regarding Pierce’s slim chances, but I have hope:

-poor weather reduces the turnout, only the motivated will go vote.
-not many people are going to be motivated to vote for Dewine
-but a lot of people are motivated to vote for pierce, as well as vote against dewine

I’m predicting it’ll be a stronger than expected showing for Pierce. Whether or not it’ll be enough remains to be seen.

My recommendations:
Blackwell over Petro, but either will do.
Pierce over Dewine, unequivocally, and with no reservations.
With any other race, if you don't know, don't vote.

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