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Monday, July 17, 2006
 Blackwell vs. Strickland on the 2nd Amendment    [L]

Some people have asked me recently for my opinion on Ohio's gubernatorial race, specifically on my thoughts regarding Strickland's high NRA rating (regarding his voting record). At the time, I didn't have a solid opinion, other than an automatic knee-jerk opposition to anybody supported by the Kos crowd.

Today, however, brings a lot more fact to back up the feeling:
Tom Raga (Blackwell's LtGov candidate) Attends CHL Class

The number two spots on the Ohio Gubernatorial tickets represent vastly different views when it comes to the rights of gun owners.

Democratic running mate Lee Fisher was a member of the Handgun Control Inc. Board of Directors according to This NRA Fact Sheet.

In contrast, Republican running mate Tom Raga has been outspoken about gun rights, is the keynote speaker at OFCC's third annual Party In The Park, and recently passed the training required by law to obtain a concealed handgun license in Ohio.
And another interesting factoid:
In a 1994 edition of the "PROponent" the Columbus based People's Rights Organization had the following to say about Lee Fisher when he ran for Governor against Bob Taft:
Lee Fisher

While a member of the Ohio Senate, and later as Attorney General, has publicly supported all manner of gun control legislation including handgun registration, the Brady Bill, and the assault weapons ban. While a Senator, made the following statement: "I never met a gun control bill I didn't like." NRA rating F-
Lee Fisher was also involved in promoting a five-year plan to attempt to ban gun shows. His NRA rating of F- is the lowest possible, and is given only to the most rabid enemies of the Second Amendment.
Given that Strickland's LtGov candidate has received the lowest possible rating, and that I don't see candidates picking running partners that have diametrically opposing positions, I believe that Strickland's high NRA rating is more a result of pleasing his constituency (which is not a bad thing) rather than following his personal beliefs.

Now, pleasing the constituency is an important part of being a statesman - however, once in a higher office, you can count on a politician being less concerned with the constituency that put him there and more concerned with the national party line.

h/t WMD