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Monday, November 13, 2006
 Football quick hits    [L]

O! H! I! O!
Wikipedia article on THE GAME (no, not the movie). Be sure to watch it this Saturday (11/18) @ 3:30. Unless you're rooting for Michigan, in that case, you can skip the game and go ahead and start crying in your corn flakes.

A couple notes on this week's Bengals game vs. the Chargers:
  • Best 1st half ever
  • Worst 2nd half ever

Should the offensive and defensive coordinators be fired?
Should Chris Henry be let go?
Sound off in the comments.

Which led me to develop Bengals slogans for the past few years:
  • Bengals sore in 2004
  • Bengals alive in 2005
  • Bengals sick in 2006
Lauren suggested "Bengals revvin' for 2007".

However, if they keep playing the way they've been playing this season, it'll be "Bengals 5-11 in 2007"

1)The Bengals always.
2)This is my least favorite time of the year to live in Ohio because I don't give a rip about Saturday's game
3)ick and ix don't rhyme as well as the other two

By Anonymous Not Joe, at 11/13/2006 06:38:00 PM      

I'm not a big college foozball fan, but I will watch Saturday's game. To my knowledge, this is the first time OSU and Michigan have played each other when they are both undefeated and ranked 1 and 2. It's basically the super bowl.

However, don't forget about UFC 65 this weekend. That is...if you're interested in technical/exciting competition. Hughes by arm bar!

Oh ya..the Bengals. Defense is horrific and requires a complete restructuring.

Bengals to be great in 2008!

By Anonymous Jeff, at 11/16/2006 08:47:00 PM      

sorry...i'm late for this but i figured i'd chime in.
the bengals...a dismal 4-5 thus far, have been a let down...particularly because on paper this team is potentially 14-2.
but hope remains for next year...this team is far better than its record.

however the question remains..why the backsliding?

1. 2 members of the offensive line have been injured...veterans rich braham and levi jones. braham at center has been making the line calls (blocking scheme) which they've struggled to do in his absense. levi jones is a pro-bowl caliber tackle and difficult to replace. this has allowed increased pressure on a fragile kneed carson palmer.

2.unavailable linebacking core. odell thurman, suspended for the season, a potential pro bowler, david pollack...1st round draft pick...out with broken neck...veteran brian simmons..injured. linebackers don't grow on trees, and it's hard to replace your studs.

3. carson palmer's knee...he's still not 100%...we may have been expecting too much too soon. his performance against the chargers is proof he's still got "it"..but early on he wasn't planting on his front foot while releasing the ball (which has caused it to sail a bit).

4.bad playcalling. this team fails to utilize rudi johnson at the right times.

5. attrocious officiating...a typical cop out for a lot of teams but look at the blatant films...tampa bay game can be put entirely upon the stripes...poor calls in close games against atlanta and baltimore can also be considered.

6. the 3rd most difficult schedule in the NFL..(so how did baltimote who plays in the same division end up with the 3rd easiest?)

...i have no expectations for this team for the remainder of this year..whose schedule gets no easier...but i wouldn't jump off the wagon too quickly. this is still a good football team who will be hungry next year...and just might end up with a descent draft pick in the offseason.

i got the buckeyes to sooth me as my bengals struggle.

...but for this year...indy is not too far from dayton...i like peyton i'll adopt the colts in the playoffs...(unless a bengals miracle unlikely occurs.)

and UFC 65...i got Hughes....but it'll be a good fight.

By Blogger chad o, at 11/17/2006 01:33:00 PM      

^^^ speak up ^^^