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Thursday, December 07, 2006
 It's Beginning to Look...    [L]

...somewhat like Christmas.

Ah, yes, the beginnings of an Ohio winter.

The light dusting of snow.

The new-found morning brightness.

The inevitable traffic jams and accidents.

It never fails to astound me, that for a region that is no stranger to frosty weather, we Southwestern Ohioans seem to forget how to drive in the winter. Well, I say we, but what I really mean is everybody else. We have snow every year. We have ice every year. And yet the first onset of precipitation is enough to send thousands of cars off the road and cost untold hours of job productivity as traffic comes to a standstill.

My friends questioned my purchase of a heavy AWD 4-door sedan, instead of a faster, lighter, sexier sports car. Sure, it would have been more fun, but if anything, I am practical; and my foresight pays off every winter as I speed on by the Nissan 350Z stuck in the intersection. Therefore, I always take an opportunity to send out an "I told you so" when the snow starts to fall. Of course, that's of little consolation when I'm breathing someone else's exhaust the other 9 months of the year.

But regardless of vehicle type, there are several basic rules that will serve you well for winter travel:
  • If the road is curvy, slow down
  • If there is a lot of traffic, slow down
  • Maintain a healthy distance from other cars
  • Always keep an eye out for accidents ahead
  • Don't make any sudden moves
  • Signal!
  • Brake gradually
Simple rules that really apply all-year-round, yet so many of our fellow drivers forget them winter after winter, and end up in a ditch somewhere.

So, friends, it's probably nigh time to ensure that your car is outfitted properly for your survival. In the worst case scenario that you get stranded out in BFE, you should probably make sure you can survive the night. I recommend you keep some blankets, gorilla tape, motor oil, jumper cables, water, etc in your trunk. And if you are like-minded, then also firearms, scotch, and pipe. No point in looking helpless AND uncivilized.

Those were exactly my thoughts this morning...

By Blogger BiggMikeDee, at 12/07/2006 01:34:00 PM      

Same thing happens in San Antonio every time it rains. I guess idiots are everywhere.

By Blogger AlanDP, at 12/07/2006 04:21:00 PM      

I almost went off the road twice yesterday. God bless AWD vehicles though.

By Blogger Dan, at 12/08/2006 10:39:00 AM      

^^^ speak up ^^^