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Thursday, October 04, 2007
 Time Warner Cable (TWC) Dayton Ohio is screwing me over    [L]

I've been meaning to start blogging again, but it's been hard to overcome a combination of inertia, laziness, and general lack of blog-worthy material.

Figures it take me getting screwed over in order to start blogging again. Let me tell you a story:

I've been with TWC for 4+ years now, and I've been on my current package for at least 2.

That package is:
digipic 2000
hdtv tier
road runner internet

And I've been paying ~$150/month after taxes.

With their new Aug 29 channel lineup, I noticed that TNT HD and ESPN2 HD, which I was previously getting, were removed. TNT HD came up gray, ESPN2 HD said I was not subscribed.

TWC sent out a couple of techs to check it out - no signal problems, receivers were reset, no change - so they got on the phone with the office, and were told that because of the new package lineup, I could not get those 2 channels back without updating my packages. It's rather silly, considering that the HDTV standard tier consists of Discovery HD, TNT HD, ESPN HD, and ESPN2 HD, yet Discovery HD and ESPN HD still come in just fine for me. I'm just missing the TNT HD and ESPN2 HD.

Apparently "grandfathering" no longer means what it use to mean.
I just called the local TWC office to confirm this. The csr confirmed to me that if I wanted TNT HD and ESPN2 HD back, she'd have to upgrade my older packages to a newer packages, which would increase my bill by an extra $20/month.

Just to make sure I heard her correctly, I asked the following question, which went like this:
Me: "Let me get this straight: I was paying $150/month before September, which included TNT HD and ESPN2 HD, and now I'm paying $150/month without TNT HD and ESPN2 HD, and in order to get same selection of channels I had before, you want to charge me an extra $20 a month?"

CSR: "Yes, that's correct."

Me: "Thanks, just wanted to get that straight."
So, long story short, TWC is dicking me over and I'm contemplating switching to directv. Directv already has a big leg up in that I could finally get NBC in HD, and NFL network and the big 10 network, but according to the website, if I wanted to get the same setup I had at TWC (2 HD DVRs, HBO/cinemax, etc.) it'd cost me about the same per month, but with a $500 startup cost! Is that right?

So, for anybody who's got directv, what's the deal with the DVRs? I have to pay for them up front, instead of renting them from the provider? Do I end up owning them?