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Sunday, March 14, 2004
 Old things remade new    [L]

Well, after that whole incident I wrote about in my last post, I just went ahead and bit the bullet and reinstalled windows. Blah. I hate doing that. Takes forever to get everything back to the way they were before. But then again, there are some benefits to giving the thing a thorough cleaning once and awhile. Anyhoo, thanks for the condolences during my period of struggle :)

I'd elaborate further on the allegories and parallels one can draw between reinstalling the operating system and the Christian concept of salvation and rebirth, but I trust my readers are smart enough to fill in the blanks for the time being :) Maybe in a later post.

Went to a pretty rockin concert last night, the See Spot Rock tour, at The Avenue. My thoughts on each band:

Big Dismal - Speaking of old things being new again, these guys are seriously trying to channel that late 80s/early 90s creed vibe. Not bad, but not great either - is there truly nothing new under the sun?

Grits - other than their song "We All Fall Down", I haven't heard anything else of theirs - and from what I heard last night, that'll probably hold true for awhile :) Straight up rap is just not my thing. BTW - We know you're from Tennessee - yes, we're from Ohio. Skip the 10 minute question and answer session next time :o

Pillar - Ah, finally, we get to the good stuff. I've seen these guys twice now, and they continue to impress. Very tight, dynamic songs, great energy, and you gotta love a well-done guitar delay. Great stuff. Just wish they had played "Indivisible" - they should start playing that alongside the national anthem.

Skillet - When did these guys sell out? I've only heard a few of their earlier songs, but they sound nothing like the new stuff. Very dark, repetitive songs that you can't really understand. And when did screaming all the time start being considered good music? Get him a glass of water! Coupled with sound issues, they did not put on a very good show. To their credit, it seemed that they were the only band on the tour to freely acknowledge their Christianity - and that's says alot about the other bands.

12 Stones - Not surprisingly, the best sounding band of the night. They were tight, and sounded pretty much like their CD - which works against them. Their songs sound so similar to each other, they start blending into one. Not a good thing. Technically very competent, great drumming, rhythm, guitars - but they need to write something that sounds different!