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Monday, September 13, 2004
 AWB Sunset!    [L]

Well, the Clinton AWB is now history!

Too bad I really don't have any sort of weapons that were affected by it (other than pistol mags), so this is definitely more of a symbolic act than something substantial. But I figure when I start buying long guns (probably this one next year) I'll definitely appreciate the AWB sunset more.

It's so aggravating that the Main Stream Media (hereafter MSM) gets the substance of the AWB so completely wrong! They parrot the words of the ignorant (such as the current Democrat presidential candidate) who claim that now, machine guns will start flooding the streets, crime rates will go up, everybody is in danger, it will be Dodge City all over again... regardless of the fact that the AWB affected only the cosmetic appearance of firearms rather than the core functionality - keep in mind fully-automatic weapons have been restricted (not banned) ever since 1934! And the cosmetic features themselves aren't even illegal - only combinations of two or more of them! It's like saying you can own a screwdriver, scissors, knife, and can opener, but not a swiss army knife!

Like I said earlier, it doesn't really physically affect me all that much. Even now that the 10-round capacity rule has been lifted, for my main handgun (a .40), that means I can hold 12 rounds now instead of 10. Although, my .22 might be able to hold 15 or 17 now, I gotta admit that would be fun :)

But the main effect of the AWB sunset is symbolic - it's one of the rare times that we, as a country, have had become less restricted, rather than more - and that is always a good thing (within reasonable limits) for the cause of liberty and the freedom of the citizen.