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Friday, February 25, 2005
 And now for something completely different...    [L]

So I'm going to start doing something completely different here on channel Chu - In an effort to get myself to devote time to creativity and the process thereof, I'm going to start posting poems, songs, and various miscellany, for public consumption. Hah, I'm going to make you eat my words. But not really. Anyway, I figure this will give me the motivation to start writing again and get out of my creative slump.

I know what you're thinking: Oh boy, yet another blogger who wants to share their poetry with the world. And you'd probably be right in your criticism. But if that's the case, why'd you come here? :) I know that some of it will be bad, and perhaps catastrophically so, but I would hope that you all would be able to tell me that so I may avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Anyway, let's get started.
I might as well start with what I consider to be one of my better attempts at prose:

Rise and Shine
When night befalls, and restless dreams enfold
upon sleeping forms, with dreaming tales untold,
the dark weeps, as encroaching rays of gold
make themselves known upon the cold.

When dawn appears, and sleeping beauties banish'd
by the sun, with a day's work to finish,
the mind cries, as the stress, undiminished,
comes with full force, unvanquished.

When word arrives, and waking pretties reading
between the lines, with sleep's signs still showing,
the soul lifts, as it realizes, knowing,
that the day is slowly, better growing.
Thoughts, Commentary, and witty repartee welcome.