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Monday, April 03, 2006
 Penn & Teller on Gun Control    [L]

on their aptly named show, Bull!#@#.
(Perhaps you can guess on which side of the debate they come down on)

While I must give a language & content warning, that doesn't make their show any less true or entertaining.

Blatantly stolen from Xavier Thoughts

Thanks for sharing this video; I liked it and plan on showing it to a few good men.

By Blogger James McCauley, at 4/03/2006 12:43:00 PM      

yeah, great video. i'm going to show a few friends as well. it's amazing how many people are 100% anti-guns, based entirely on what they've heard from the media. ridiculous i say!

oh and too bad they are forced to cuss so much, i would love to show this to some other people...(aka my parents). although they do make it funny :P

By Anonymous Patrick, at 4/03/2006 02:34:00 PM      

Normally, P & T are dead wrong on their views, like the mentioned creation bashing in the beginning. But, they nailed it on the head here with the gun "control." great post.

By Anonymous Brent McBain, at 4/05/2006 03:57:00 AM      

^^^ speak up ^^^