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Wednesday, July 02, 2003
 They're back on the list!    [L]

Well, the people at my job sure are trying their darndest to convince me to leave. Time to start sowing some resumes.

It's all really about respect.

I don't respect:
Being undersold by my contracting firm into an underemployed position so they can pay me less and earn them more.
Having 2 1/2 years of good work and reputation counting for nothing.
Under-the-surface office politics.
Management that will say one thing to/about a person, then totally rip them apart later.
Management that is always in your face, keeping an eye on the time clock - back off and let me work!
Anonymous accusations ("People say....")
Having to put on a facade in order to please the uppers - I am who I am and I'm not going to fake anything. I'm not sorry that I won't play a brown-noser. My own self-respect forbids me to.
Having my personal integrity and character come under question repeatedly. They say they're not judging me as a person, etc. etc. Whatever. To me, integrity is bound to character.

I do respect:
In your face honesty. Come on, we're all grown ups here, if you've got a beef with me, then flat out tell me and I will do my best to fix the problem.
Transparency. The sooner we all stop kissing up and backstabbing, the sooner I can relax and concentrate on actually working.
A job that complements my strengths and talents. Rather than languishing in mediocrity and busy-work. (On the other hand, I know a lot more about how to use Word and Excel now).
Simplicity. Give me a task, a deadline, then let me run with it. Don't worry, i'll come to you if I can't finish it in time.

You know, I was kind of worried that someone from work my read this blog. However, I have come to the conclusion, that even as slim a chance as it is, I really don't care any more. I'm fed up. It's high time somebody knew. I apologize that you all just read this rant, tho :) Anyway, label me a jumper, because if another offer comes along, I'm going to take it.