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Thursday, March 04, 2004
 Ok, that's the last straw!!!@#!%!@$#    [L]

Well, my computer is completely hosed right now.
It started last week with that shocking incident - and things have rapidly gotten much worse. I had used a spare 300W PS to temporarily replace my blown PS, and that seemed to work just fine. I didn't get a new 400W PS until yesterday. I was going to wait until the weekend before I swapped everything out again, but when my computer randomly crashed, I decided it was a good enough time to make the swap. Things should have gone smoothly. Unfortunately, the lesser gods of Windows and Microsoft felt differently. Upon loading the familiar Windows 2k login screen, I encountered a strange thing - windows no longer recognized my wireless USB keyboard. Ok, not a problem, that's why I have a spare PS2 keyboard - but that didn't work either. So I wrestled with safe modes, repair CDs, other various tricks. I eventually had to VNC from my linux box and login, and then I could reinstall the drivers. That seemed to have worked ... for the time being. I then went to windowsupdate and got the latest patches, installed, rebooted... and rebooted... and rebooted... and rebooted... I couldn't find any way around it, so I just gave up and reinstalled windows. THIS IS CRAP!

And now it's telling me that my 200gb drive is damaged! What in the blue blazes?!?! Exclamation-mark, at-sign, pound-sign, dollar-sign, percent, caret, ampersand, asterisk, Christian curse word, non-Christian curse word, [expletive deleted]. Well, there goes all my MP3s, guitar tabs, and games. AGAIN. Good thing I had recently started backing some things up to DVD, otherwise I'd be ... indignant.

Sometimes I really hate computers.