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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
 Kerry CONCEDES (Complete Bush Win)    [L]

Good enough to post twice!

From Drudge:
Kerry tells President Bush he will concede White House race at 1 PM ET...
Maybe he read this post by Sam:
Wake Up and Smell the Kool-Aid...
At this very moment, John Kerry has the biggest opportunity of his life.

It's obvious that John Edwards and Hillary Clinton must sing the school fight song, since they must keep their base support for 2008. But what about John Kerry?

He's got less than a 2% probability of becoming president through the court system. He's got a 98% chance of losing. As a loser, he is confronted with two choices:

1. If he concedes with grace, maintaining his desire to "unite the country," then he will tick off the 50% of his base that voted against the president but gain the heartfelt respect as a true "statesman" from his other 50%. He would gain 100% of the Republican electorate respect for his "statesmanship." He would maintain his voice in the political discourse, and be part of the democrat leadership cadre in the next election.

2. If he fights and loses, his place will be with Al Gore. He will take on AlGore's "crazed fool" look and stand along side with the sour grapes demeanor of a politician who will never again be taken seriously or have any merit in the political discourse. He might as well grow a beard, smoke some dope and move to Maui to windsurf for the rest of his days.

John, please don't drink the Kool-Aid. Like Mel Gibson in "Braveheart," "unite the clans!"