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Friday, September 02, 2005
 K-Day, plus 4    [L]

I'm not going to post anything original, because at this time, I have nothing to say, no analysis or advice to offer. But I will put up some links here to direct you to people in the know:

The Survival of New Orleans blog - the blog of Michael Barnett, who works for an internet nic company in downtown NOLA. This ex-specops soldier is literally holding down the fort. If you want a first-hand account of what's going on down there, check it out.

Instapundit has a put up a list of a whole lot of different charity organizations you can donate to. I personally plan to donate to The Salvation Army. I hope you will too.

They could also use a lot of intangible help, as well - prayer. Pray for law & order to be restored to the city. Mob rule and thuggery is preventing aid and rescue workers from improving the situation.

Update - I just found out that my employer will be matching every dollar contributed by its employees, so i'll probably do that - you should check with yours as well.