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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
 DeMint Destroys Dissembling Democrats    [L]

John Hawkins brings a Monday speech from Senator Jim DeMint to our attention:
Mr. President, today the democratic minority leader, Harry Reid, gave what was billed as a prebuttal to the president's upcoming State Of The Union. I am frankly astounded that he would criticize a speech so harshly that hasn't even been given yet. I'll let the president speak for himself when he addresses the nation tomorrow night but this misleading partisan rhetoric put forth on this floor by the Senator from Nevada cannot go unanswered, rhetoric that unfortunately further proves Democrats will say anything but do nothing.

Today we heard many of the same tired cliches from the minority leader. He talks about a credibility gap. Well, the largest credibility gap in american politics is between what Democrats say and what they do. Democrats promised months ago to bring forth their own legislative agenda, but the nation is still waiting. Day after day the Democrats launch attack after attack on republicans and our agenda, but how are we to take them seriously when they cannot articulate a clear plan of their own?
Choice quotes after the jump, or RTWT.
"They will say anything to get a media sound bite, but when it comes to solving today's challenges, Democrats do nothing."

"How are we to take seriously a party that has no legislative agenda, that has no solutions or ideas to solve americans' greatest challenges?"

"The obstacle to america's energy independence is clear: it is the blockade formed by the Democratic party in seeking to appease far-left interest groups. Democrats have blocked republican efforts to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and have needlessly allowed energy prices to climb higher and higher for american families."

"Senator Reid likes to say Democrats can do better. I think he's right. Democrats should do better. They have been conducting a war of rhetoric for years without offering anything positive to the public debate. Americans are rightly frustrated with the Democratic Party that will say anything but do nothing."

"Democrats still do not understand that Americans want solutions, not more partisan rhetoric."