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Monday, May 22, 2006
 24 Season 5 Finale predictions    [L]

If the title of the post doesn't immediately trigger a SPOILER ALERT in your head... well, you probably don't watch 24.

My predictions under the fold:
The terrorists taking over the submarine issue is resolved within the first 90 minutes (of the 2hr finale), perhaps with the heroic, self-sacrificing loss of a major character, maybe Curtis, Buchanan, or even Henderson. It will definitely involve a protocol of some sort, with a 50% chance of a perimeter being established.

With the help of Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce, and/or Chief of Staff Mike Novick, Jack confronts the President before he boards Air Force One.

The President is left with no way out, so he pulls out his .45 (that he was going to kill himself with).

Jack draws his weapon, but is unable to bring himself to shoot a president. The President shoots Jack in a slightly ambiguous area in the torso, Jack goes down. The President then either a) shoots himself unambiguously or b) is shot unambiguously by Jack/Aaron/Curtis/Martha.

Season 5 ends just like Season 2, with the camera hovering over Jack as he's bleeding on the pavement, with a silent clock.

Season 6 predictions:
Jack is alive, a parapalegic thanks to the ex-President, married to Audrey, and is back in charge of CTU (Homeland Security?). Thus Jack Bauer moves into the background, allowing another (maybe new) character to take the lead field agent role, perhaps Curtis.

Chloe will get fat over the grief of losing Edgar and not getting any action since mole-boy.

Season 6 will set a new record in protocol-breaking and perimeter-establishing, with a high of 635 protocol references in episode 14.