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Monday, May 15, 2006
 Speaking Truth to Lies    [L]

Don't be let the Illegal Immigrants' claim that "they were here first" slide by without rebuke - educate yourself on the real history:
How the U.S. Acquired the SW from Mexico: #1
The supporters of Mexican illegal aliens often like to claim “We were here first” as justification for ignoring U.S. immigration laws and illegally entering our country. In truth, they were not here first, or they would not have needed to cross the border to get here. Interestingly, even their ancestors were not here first. Here’s a brief history of who was here first and how this region came to be part of the United States of America. For the sake of brevity, this article will focus on Texas (the first area to fall under American control), and future articles will cover the other areas.
Blatantly stolen from Blogonomicon