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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
 Finally doing their job?    [L]

Looks like somebody finally figured out that illegal immigration is a big deal to us legal residents:
ICE Arrests About 2,000 Illegal Immigrants

In a blitz that began May 26, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has arrested nearly 2,100 illegal immigrants across the country. Officials said the raids are aimed at child molesters, gang members and other violent criminals, as well as people like Da Silva who sneaked back into the country after a judge threw them out.
ICE has a network of 35 fugitive teams across the country. The 2006 budget increased that number to 52, and the Bush administration is pushing for 70 by 2007.

The challenge, agents said, is staggering.

There are more than 500,000 "fugitive aliens" who have been deported by judges and either slipped back into the country or never left. There is often a disconnect between local and state prisons and the federal government that allows illegal immigrants to serve time and be released without being transferred to federal officials for deportation.
In a sign that i've been preparing for the GRE, I figured out how long it'll take to deport all the fugitive illegal aliens based on their current rates:
  • 2100 fugitives / 21 days = 100 fugitives/day
  • 100 fugitives/day / 52 teams = 1.9 fugitives/day/team
  • 199 days left in the year * 1.9 fugitives/day/team * 52 teams = 19,700 fugitives arrested for the rest of this year
  • 480,300 fugitives left at the start of 2007
  • 1.9 fugitives/day/team * 365 days/year * 70 teams = 48,600 fugitives/year
  • 480,300 fugitives / 48,600 fugitives/year = 9.88 years till we arrest all fugitive illegal aliens
`Course, i'm making some pretty hefty assumptions, like
  • the number of fugitive illegal aliens staying constant (which it won't)
  • that ICE will be working at a consistent pace 365 days a year (which it won't)
  • that the number of ICE teams will stay constant after 2007 (which will hopefully increase as years go by)
Also, these arrests don't even address non-fugitive illegal aliens, who range from either 12 million or 30 million in number, depending on the source.

Might take awhile to defeat the invasion, at this rate.

Hey Phil,
To add to this, the idea about putting the cameras up on the border for people to log onto and look at is a great great great idea. Think about it. The government could put up an official scoreboard and rank the users according to how many people they have caught and so forth. Maybe even give a small cash incentive for each one arrested. I think the government should treat it like a game for the gamer generation. It's virtually free security and you could cover every square inch of the border. Brent out.

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