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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
 Today in International News    [L]

The Bridge To Awesomeness:
Tue Aug 1, 8:51 AM ET

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - A new bridge in Hungary could be named after Hollywood action movie actor Chuck Norris unless the trend turns in an Internet vote organised by the Economy Ministry.

Votes for the "Chuck Norris Bridge" had attracted 8,725 votes or 11 percent by Tuesday morning, just ahead of those cast in favor of naming it after Hungarian humorist Geza Hofi and three times more than for Szent Istvan, founder of the state.
Chuck Norris needs your help! He's currently in 2nd place, with 13% of the vote, behind "Szent Korona" with 16%. You can vote here.

Fact: The Chuck Norris bridge was opened in 2008, but due to an abnormally high death rate, renamed a month later. Nobody crosses Chuck Norris and lives.