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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
 And now for some hack poetry    [L]

Given the day, I might as well repost this lame limmerick:
Valentine's Crock

What is up with Valentine's?
It's just a holiday of the times.
A day of mandatory affection,
But let me offer a contradiction-

Whyfore should I show attraction
Just because it's the thing to do?
How about I give affection
Whenever I bloody well want to?

But don't get me wrong,
Don't be misled by what I say;
It's just that I think that
We shouldn't set aside a special day.

This is not how to love, as Christ shown on Calvary,
For His love acts on eternity, not just a day in February.
Valentines will come and go, and flowers fade away,
So let the love shine out on every single day.

But then again, who cares, it's fun.
Happy Valentine's, to each and every one.
Happy Singles' Awareness Day!