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Monday, February 05, 2007
 Super-Reversal    [L]

Seems like the NFL had a recent change of heart, no doubt due to this controversy.

Super Bowl viewing OK on big screens according to NFL
Churches across the U.S. planning Super Bowl parties Sunday, as the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears meet in the 41st edition of the classic first won by the Green Bay Packers, have been given sweeping permission by the NFL to go ahead – just as long as no admission fees are charged.

A dispute arose several days ago in the Midwest when the NFL sent a letter to one church based on its website advertisement for a "Super Bowl Party." That letter to Fall Creek Baptist Church in Indianapolis said the church couldn't use the words "Super Bowl," it couldn't charge admission, it couldn't use its projection screen for the game, and a number of other things.

Those limits, coupled with the fact no church felt willing to take on a financial behemoth like the National Football League in court, sparked a series of cancellations of those parties.