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Friday, August 03, 2012
 To Christians who now hate Chick-fil-a    [L]

I would like to address the hand-wringing and bedwetting by Christians who are concerned about what the world may think about the Chick-fil-a support rally.

(Yes, I provocatively worded that intro to get you to read on…)

Firstly, to assume that the show of support is wholly driven, or even mostly driven, by anti-gay sentiment, is a gross mischaracterization. It's understandable that some may think this way, if perhaps they only go by what the news chooses to report. But that illusion would quickly be shattered if they just talked to the people who support Chick-fil-a and asked why.

It was never all about being anti-gay. It's not even all about being anti-gay-marriage! To be sure, there is likely a strong pro-traditional-marriage sentiment among Chick-fil-a supporters, considering that there have been referendums reinforcing traditional marriage in 32 states, and that they have ALL passed with strong majorities. But it's not just about being anti-gay-marriage or pro-traditional-marriage. It's also about people standing up for a private company that they feel is being unfairly maligned.

(As an aside, I am a straight, conservative Christian, and even I agree with some of the goals of pro-gay-marriage supporters – that is, equal treatment under the law. However, I approach this from the POV that government shouldn’t be involved with marriage in the first place. Marriage should be a religious, personal, and civil matter. The government should only be involved to the minimum extent that it needs in order to enforce legal matters. Let me warn gay-marriage proponents though, that the slippery slope is real, and having the government recognize gay marriage would eventually require it to recognize polygamy, polyandry, polyamory, etc. But this is all beside my point.)

This is an issue that strikes deeper than a personal opinion on gay marriage. This is deeper than even being gay! You think every single person who went to Chick-fil-a on Aug 1 was a straight conservative Christian? No, standing in line for hours, in the heat, shoulder-to-shoulder, were Christians, non-Christians, atheists, conservatives, liberals, pro-gay-marriagers, traditional marriagers, heterosexuals, and homosexuals alike! Even a cursory google search would show you that.

No, a strong motivator of this show of support was to stand up to the tyrants in this world that unjustly wield their political and cultural influence. People were rightfully and justifiably outraged that Chick-fil-a, a private company, was targeted by public officials and the media, for holding views contrary to those in power. They also know that right now it's gay-marriage, but tomorrow it's abortion, and the day after it's religion. And if there’s one thing that red-blooded Americans love, it’s to tell the government and the elites to stick it where the sun don’t shine. Well, that, and apparently also fried chicken sandwiches and waffle fries.

So ultimately, I believe that most of the concerns raised by Christians about the Chick-fil-a day of support are wrong by category error.

Now, I don’t question the intentions of those who worried about public perception. After all, we do not want to alienate people from the redemptive gospel of Jesus Christ, people who would otherwise be receptive to it. And again, this rally was grossly mischaracterized as an anti-gay hate march. So I understand where their trepidation is coming from.

But we can’t bend over in order to make the world happy with us; and in fact, I would argue that those who are implacably offended would never be happy with Christians unless we changed our biblical beliefs! Shall we then reject God to satisfy man? No, we must stand for what we perceive and determine is true.

There are those who will never accept us, for they will always reject biblical truth. We cannot worry about how we look in their eyes, for they will never be satisfied until we have exchanged truth for a lie.

 However, for those who truly have an open mind, then this event is a perfect reason to start talking with them, and clear up the misconceptions and share the reason for the hope and joy that we have.