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Monday, May 22, 2006
 RE: 24 Season 5 Finale predictions    [L]

The only thing I got partly right was the ambiguous ending for Jack Bauer.

Finale counts:
References to Protocol: 4
Perimeters Mentioned: 2

Seconds President Logan spent with his wife, including undressing and dressing: 52

Yes, 52. I counted `em: at 53:10 (recording time) the camera cuts away from them, then shows the clock at 6:00:00 at 54:02, for 52 seconds. When the recap of the next episode was finished and it says "the following happens between 6:00:00 AM and 7:00:00 AM", it showed them getting dressed, at 6:00:00. I do believe that's the quickest anything gets done during the entire season of 24.