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Monday, February 11, 2008
 It was worth a shot    [L]

To: Chipotle Investor Relations

As a loyal customer, it occurred to me that if I want to ensure that Chipotle's longevity, then perhaps I should help out and buy some stock. So I did.

But, as a loyal customer (and now part owner), I have to wonder if there's any sort of extra benefits to being a stockowner.

Like say, one free burrito per year per 2 shares of stock, or something like that :) For me, that would be 14 free burritos a year, which may sound like a lot until you consider that I probably consume 65 of your burritos per year.

Anyways, consider it? :)

Their response:
Thanks for your interest in Chipotle, and for being a Chipotle
stockholder. Unfortunately, stock ownership does not come with any kind
of free burrito benefits. That's just not possible.




Not possible or not probable? I don't see how sticking a couple of stock holder coupons in the mail is impossible.

If they were smart, they could use this as a way to grab a few headlines and up their stock in the process.

By Blogger Keith Walker, at 2/12/2008 11:12:00 AM      

^^^ speak up ^^^